Reorg backup strategie

[omv] duplique le oneDrive vers le local
[duplicati] stopper les sauvegardes automatique de duplicati
[omv] duplication delta de OneDrive vers le oneDriveLocal
[omv] stopper les dupllcations automatique OneDrive vers le oneDriveLocal
[duplicati] changer la destination des sauvegarde vers le oneDriveLocal
[duplicati] relancer les sauvegardes automatique de duplicati
[omv] sync mensuellement automatique de oneDriveLocal vers OneDrive

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add guest agent

pfsense synology

low space

On my server (with docker) i have sometime the space of the root directory to 0% docker clean non essential stuff empty trash or system clean sweep find big stuff in file system limit log in container dont forget the “,” if they have allready param in daemon.json

Add Weather Station

source dns xampp install auto start xampp server at ubuntu startup: scripting test