low space

On my server (with docker) i have sometime the space of the root directory to 0% docker clean non essential stuff empty trash or system clean sweep find big stuff in file system limit log in container https://forums.docker.com/t/some-way-to-clean-up-identify-contents-of-var-lib-docker-overlay/30604/53 https://forums.docker.com/t/some-way-to-clean-up-identify-contents-of-var-lib-docker-overlay/30604/52 dont forget the “,” if they have allready param in daemon.json

Add Weather Station

source https://github.com/maliciamrg/Bresser-Weather-Station dns xampp install auto start xampp server at ubuntu startup: scripting test

Ubuntu , Docker, Kubernetes

Installer ubuntu sur proxmox Installer Docker Update Ubuntu Afin deviter des erreur pendant l’install il faut mettre a jour ubuntu avant de lancer la procedure d’install Installer Kubernetes https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/install-a-local-kubernetes-with-microk8s#2-deploying-microk8s creation d’un alias pour lancer les commandes “microk8s kubectl” directement avec ” kubectl”

Ubuntu , Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes

Installer ubuntu sur proxmox Installer Docker Installer Rancher la commande d’installation fait que /opt/rancher est l’emplacement persistant de la configuration du node docker , ce qui permet d’assigner un disk vm pour conserver la config rancher meme si on detruit le contener docker ajouter un disk a la vm dans ubuntu le partitionner , formater … Read more