smart shutter firmware

Wall Thermostat firmware

smart switch Hi Guys,I also had a long time to try flash this WiFI-W6B. My solution is to unsolder and lift up pin 11 of unmarked chip (see yellow route on screen above). This route is connected to U0RXD (pin 25) of ESP8285 and probably blocking UART exchange.Also don’t forget about GPIO0.Good luck all. In … Read more

smart plug update firmware 2 It is strongly advised to calibrate the plug. You are using default values which are not perfect for your exact device. Please get a reliable power meter, plug the 60W bulb into the socket, and use following commands to adjust readings:– VoltageSet [RealVoltageFromReliableMeter]– CurrentSet [RealCurrentFromReliableMeter]– PowerSet [RealPowerFromReliableMeter]Just like in Tasmota. PowerSet 77 … Read more