Reorg backup strategie

[omv] duplique le oneDrive vers le local
[duplicati] stopper les sauvegardes automatique de duplicati
[omv] duplication delta de OneDrive vers le oneDriveLocal
[omv] stopper les dupllcations automatique OneDrive vers le oneDriveLocal
[duplicati] changer la destination des sauvegarde vers le oneDriveLocal
[duplicati] relancer les sauvegardes automatique de duplicati
[omv] sync mensuellement automatique de oneDriveLocal vers OneDrive

Recenter the backup strategie

the first step will be to recreate a local backup between the data and the cloud

i did this in 3 time :

  • resync the cloud onto the local backup
  • stop the automatic backup from duplicati for freeze the cloud backup
  • last duplicate the remain delta from cloud to local

after , stop all technical backup workflow (stop automatic sync cloud to local)

in this freeze state we can reshape duplicati for make the local backup the “golden source” for duplicati

after than we can restart all the backup workflow

  • restart the periodical backup with duplicati onto the local backup
  • start a monthly savegarde of the backup onto the cloud

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